Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fathers Day Family Weekend

June 19-21, 2009

About 14 families (70ish people) arrived Friday night for a weekend of fellowship, fun and WORK - Big Canyon Style!  Some brought their campers and some stayed in the Lodge.



Saturday morning we ate breakfast and then Brian handed out the "To Do List"...

Some cleaned out, fixed the leaky roof and built shelves in our program shed.

IMG_1052  IMG_1045

IMG_1046  IMG_1047

Ahhhh. So nice!



A few men built an outdoor projector screen for the stage.

IMG_1102  IMG_1104



Another group cleared Thistle and Sagebrush around both sides of the yurt.

IMG_1039  IMG_1057

Look at all of it!


Once the area was cleared, Brian brought in the backhoe for digging tree holes.

IMG_1064   IMG_1082

IMG_1067  IMG_1078 

Areas cleared and trees planted. (hard to see the new trees in this pic)



Another group worked on the pergola over the patio.

IMG_1106   IMG_1097  

IMG_1085  IMG_1108

Ta Da!



That evening we had a Dutch Oven Cook Off! Each family brought an oven and a meal to share. They were all very yummy!


IMG_1122  IMG_1130 IMG_1135


IMG_1141  IMG_1142


It was a great way to spend the weekend.

Friends, fellowship, fun, food, hard work and FATHERS!!

Happy Fathers Day!

A big thanks to all of our friends for a fun and very productive weekend at

Big Canyon Ranch.


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